Entrance requirements

Students wishing to attend ISB should register online and submit it at least 2 months before the programme begins. The application form should be accompanied by the student’s most recent transcripts and proof of English competence.

  • Entrance requirements: All students taking courses at ISB must have completed at least two semesters of undergraduate university level studies in a business related area.

  • English level required: Council of Europe Framework level B2+, equivalent to IELTS level 5.5.

  • Visa where required


The fee for a semester abroad with ISB is €2,500 with discounts for groups of students attending from partner institutions.

Academic calendar

Spring semester:

22nd January 2018 - 27th April 2018

5th – 9th March – Mid-term exams

12th – 16th March – Mid-term break

Visa requirements

Students who hold an EU or EEA passport / identity card do not require a visa to study in Ireland. Students are also eligible to work provided they obtain a PPS number.

Students from other jurisdictions should contact their local Irish embassy or consulate office to make a visa application at least three months before the start of the programme. A letter of acceptance from ISB is required to apply for a visa.

US students do not require a visa but will need to register with the Immigration Authorities once in Ireland. There is a charge of €300 to register. US students cannot work during their studies in Dublin.

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