Tourism Marketing

The aim of this module is to enable international learners to apply a broad understanding of the theory and practice of tourism marketing to a foreign workplace environment.

On successful completion of this module learners should be able to:

  1. Identify the main components of the marketing mix, segmentation process and strategic decisions for tourism marketers.
  2. Recognize the difference between the 7P’s of services marketing from the 4P’s of product marketing and the associated characteristics and challenges of services marketing.
  3. Communicate the application of an original and appropriate marketing strategy and communications campaign for a tourist destination.
  4. Discuss the specifics of the tourism marketing environment in Ireland and explain how it could be applied in an International setting.


Course Content:

Session 1

Tourism in Ireland:  history of tourism in Ireland; Victorian Ireland and tourism;  Ireland of the Welcomes;  Free State tourism; Bord Failte;  Failte Ireland; Twenty years of prosperity; Tourism today, Regulatory Environment.

Session 2

The Principles of Marketing: Overview and revision of marketing concepts, theories and terminology; the 7P’s of the services marketing mix; target markets; market segmentation and positioning; the role of communications in the marketing mix and putting them in an Irish context.

In Class: Choosing your tourist site

Session 3

International Tourism: identifying consumer markets; Ireland in Europe; Ireland in the world; the international outlook

In Class: Discussion of sites.

Session 4

First and second site visits.

Session 5

Marketing Proposals Due:  discussion of proposals; developing your marketing plan.  Third site visit.

Session 6

Planning Process:  Marketing Campaigns; Budgets; Performance  Fifth site visit.

Session 7

ICT/e-Marketing Promotions: evaluation and critique of your sites’ e-marketing efforts. Sixth site visit.

Marketing Plans Due

Session 8

Distribution:  Channels; finding balance; increasing efforts; evaluation Seventh site visit.

Session 9

Promotion and Communication:  Print media; Brochure design; The Tourist destination   Site visit (as necessary).

Session 10

Exam Preparation: Syllabus overview, learning objectives reviewed, exam technique, study methods
Site visit (as necessary).

Reading Lists and Other Resources

Textbook / Journal based Resources:

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Kotler, P., Bowen, J., & Makens, J. Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism. Prentice Hall, 1999

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Other Resources:

Business 2000 Case Studies

AIB: Exports and Imports

CRH: International Performance and Growth

DAA Terminal 2: Designed for the Customer

CSR at the National Lottery

Ulster Bank: Supporting Enterprise

Bus Eireann: Effective Marketing

CRH: Managing Business in an Economic Downturn

Diageo plc: Supporting Community Development

Vodafone: Engaging with Stakeholders to Protect our Environment